Reforestation and Hope for Children

In the heartrending aftermath of Hurricane Karl, Ejido El Tarachi in Mexico became a landscape of loss. But from the ashes of adversity, a resilient community seeks rebirth. Join the symphony of hope led by Humedales y Manglares de Mexico A.C. as they orchestrate a Reforestation and Community Resilience Project.

Be a hero in this tale of renewal, where your notes of kindness compose a melody of compassion, planting seeds of hope amidst the mangroves for the children of El Tarachi. Together, let's turn the tide of sorrow into a vibrant crescendo of joy.


1,600+ hectares

You are helping us reforest over 1,600 hectares of mangroves in Acula, Veracruz region

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500+ families

Helping more than 500 low-income families with economic empowerment

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48,000+ metric tons

Helping us capture over 48,000 metric tons of CO2 each year

In these resilient regions, wealth isn't counted in dollars but in the deep bond between people and their land. Facing economic challenges, these communities resist the lure of selling to developers or engaging in large-scale farming. Instead, they choose conservation, safeguarding their environment and preserving unique flora for future generations. This isn't convenience; it's a conscious commitment to a sustainable legacy. Support their cause, and be part of securing a vibrant future for their children.

The livelihoods of these communities are jeopardized by illegal fires and illegal extraction of wood, a threat that not only endangers the environment but also undermines the economic stability of these resilient souls. Urgent intervention is imperative to curb this illicit activity and protect the invaluable resources they depend on. Your support can be a powerful force in combating illegal wood extraction, securing a sustainable future for these communities. Stand with us in preserving their home and heritage from the destructive forces that seek to exploit their natural resources unlawfully.

Act now to protect resilient communities facing illegal fires and illegal wood extraction. Your support is a beacon of hope, securing a better future for the children and empowering these communities to thrive. Join us in preserving their homes and environment – your contribution is an investment in a sustainable legacy. Together, let's forge a path towards a brighter future.

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